In most cases, it’s women who tell their stories of nylon stockings. Men like to read them. Today will be a bit different, because it will be I, Mr NyloNova, who will tell you about my fascination with nylons. There is actually nothing extraordinary about it. I am surely not an individual case and many might think:

Ummm…wait a second! This is my story.

As many men growing up in the 70s or 80s, I’ve had the chance to see true nylon stockings in the real-world and. . . My family home. Yes, you heard that right! I remember it was specifically my mom who wore them. Of course, she wasn’t the only woman in nylons.

You could see a few teachers at school wearing them, but that’s another kettle of fish! Your mom is your mom, but a second language teacher at school wearing stockings, heels and a pencil skirt! Oh boy! Despite my young age, this really fired up my imagination. Those are some serious stuff!  I believe these are the roots of my fascination and total fixation with nylon stockings. Some people would have thought that around thirty years is enough to get bored with nylons and forget them! This is not because my emotions have been put to sleep for many years. They have actually been muffled… But by what? Today, I know that this is nothing else but lack of courage to walk my individual path. All my life, I have lived in a false conviction that my weakness for the nylon fetish is something reprehensible and should not see the light of day. Well. All I needed was the Internet and several dozen years of “growing up” to my current shape! The Internet has allowed me to see that there are many more like my and that there is nothing absolutely harmful to others about it. On top of that, today I see it as a form of art when taking pictures of Mrs NyloNova. I am proud and extremely happy that I can do it with my loved one. I have also learned that for a man addicted to a nylon stocking fetish, there is no other way but full openness and honesty with your current or future partner! If it’s as strong as in my case, you can’t forget it, or pretend it isn’t there. Everyone who has tried this knows that this behaviour leads to frustration, a sense of alienation and general misery. Misery of yourself and the people around you. On the other hand, everyone who has convinced their partner to wearing nylons and celebrated a moment like this knows that it gives his life colour and confidence. Women who have come to love nylons and wear them feel a similar way.

I won’t go into the details, you can read all about this in the post by Mrs NyloNova: “The beginning of my adventure with nylons”. 

Interestingly, as little as 2 years ago, Mrs NyloNova wouldn’t allow anyone to take pictures of her. Today, after nearly 2 years of our relationship, I have probably taken 10 thousand pictures of her! This is another thing I must mention: Why do women wearing nylon stockings become so photogenic? I will talk more about this in my next post.

Mr NyloNova

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