This won’t be any out-of-this-world story that could happen to anyone. But what is unbelievable in it is the feeling that has grown in my relationship, and the part that nylon stockings play in all of this. My first conscious contact with nylon stockings, and with their image, to be exact, aroused extreme emotions. From admiration of how they looked, to uncertainty whether such stockings were my cup of tea at all. Seeing the picture with a leg dressed in stockings, I thought – “Wow! I can’t take my eyes off these miracles.” Mesmerizing, shiny, impossibly silky – that’s what they were, although I’ve never had the opportunity to touch them.

This photo was shown to me by one gentleman from whom it is equally difficult to take my eyes off! When I cooled down a little after those first aesthetic impressions, I wondered why I had actually received an image like this one? I don’t look like that and I don’t have the legs, I thought to myself. I knew that probably many men would like to see their woman dressed like this, but there is no chance that I could be that. Let me mention that I had never heard anything that could make me feel unattractive then nor later in the future. Every now and then we exchanged similar photos and our opinions about them until one magical night, I got nylon stockings with a matching belt. I could finally try them on, touch them, and feel them close in on my body. I could absorb them with all my senses. The first brush, that palpable impossibility of smoothness and transparency, made me not want to take them off. From that moment, nylon stockings wrap around my legs whenever I wear dresses or skirts. The atmosphere which they conjure is amazing. Believe me or not. This boudoir atmosphere, celebration of beauty and femininity combined with the emotions between me and my partner whirl in the air with a hypnotic smell of sex appeal, intimacy, and desire. It is the triumph of femininity. A combination of delicacy and strength. Be sure to try them and it will not be easy for you to give up nylons.

Mrs NyloNova

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