If, in addition to following our website, you are also up to date with our social media profiles, you’ve surely noticed that I sometimes make an “appearance” in grey nylon stockings.


Those are Gio Stockings and I love them!

Mrs NyloNova wearing Gio  nylon stockings

Gio Memphis Heel

Mrs NyloNova wearing Gio Memphis nylon stockings

Gio Harmony Point Heel

Mrs NyloNova wearing Gio Manhatan Heel nylon stockings

Gio Manhattan Heel

Various colors, sizes and styles

Gio Stockings offers many other colors which you’ve also had the chance to see here and this is not the last time that we’re presenting them.

There are many heel designs in Gio’s nylon stockings. Indeed quite a few of them:

  • Cuban Heel
  • Point Heel
  • Havana Heel
  • Memphis Heel
  • Manhattan Heel
  • Harmony Point Heel
  • Susan Heel

You can see some of them in the attached photos.

Gio nylons sizing guide is so extensive that you should have no problem finding the right size. FF stockings are available in sizes from 8.5 through 12.5. For RHT, there are five sizes available – from X Small to X Tall.

Remember to make sure the seam stays put; the stocking should be very tight! I’ve mentioned how important this is when reviewing Cervin nylons The right size “is essential” – I used to think that my size is 9 but it turned out that 8.5 stockings fits perfectly and seams “dance around” only to a small extent.

Keep your seams straight

At the beginning of my adventure with nylon stockings it was quite a big issue for me. Because Gio Stockings are woven from very soft and delicate yarns, the seam sometimes “wanders” on the calves.

Mrs NyloNova wearing black gio-stockings

That said, after several attempts and modifications to attach the strap buckle, the rule with leaving enough stretch for my slim legs really works.

Proper fastening

For this reason, I fasten the rear belt buckle about 2-3 cm from the middle of the welt, so that the seam travels rather to the inside of the thigh.  (Details in the picture)

Mrs NyloNova wearing Memphis Heel Gio Stockings
Use your soft cotton gloves

As I mentioned above, Gio stockings are very delicate! Which is why I always put them on in cotton gloves. Their delicacy is a wonderful feature on the one hand, and a great sensation for the legs and fingertips, but it’s good to “keep your guard up” so as to not touch something that could damage them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up wearing the Gio for this reason! On the contrary. The stockings are transparent and give off a beautiful shine, which produces a stunning effect. The toes and heel are fit with aesthetic and effective reinforcements.

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