Cervin Nylon Stockings

First and foremost, those stockings look absolutely fabulous on the legs. It’s brand, to which I always return with the utmost pleasure!

General description

It is clear in photographs, which always capture what is the most beautiful in them. Sometimes when I look at the stockings in photographs, I have the feeling that I want to „touch them with my eyes”.

The images reveal their colour, but also transparency – so important with nylon stockings! Thanks to this, legs look as if covered by a mist. Despite this noticeable delicacy, I must admit that nylons from Cervin are very robust! They are definitely more durable than the stockings of a few other well-known brands. And most importantly, they do not get runs so easily!


You must remember that every nylon stockings are delicate and must be handled carefully if we want them to serve us well.

Sizing of the stockings

The size range offered by the manufacturer is so extended, that each of us can find the perfect one for herself. At times, we have as many as 8 different sizes to choose from. The nylon yarn of which they are made seems quite “stiff” if I can put it this way.

Because of this, the stockings do not stretch very much. It is important to remember this, when choosing a size!

However also because of that they like to wrinkle lovely, what would not go unnoticed by every nylon stockings enthusiast! I like their stiffness above all because the seam on the back of the stocking does not move on the leg while walking!

Of course, the stocking should be tensioned quite strongly, which is why it is important to choose their right size, but also to use a well-made garter belt. My size in Cervin is definitely 2. Although in some circumstances, size 3 is also okay, but in that case, I wear short strap garter belt to keep the stockings tensioned well.


Sound of nylon

Cervin nylon stockings have a quite „hard texture” so there is no sensation of them being very soft like, for example, with Gio Stockings or Secrets in Lace (more about them in other posts), which does not mean that they aren’t quite a pleasure to the touch! They definitely are! ? When rubbing legs against one another, we hear the characteristic rustling ? It’s the magic sound of nylon stockings!

Real nylon stockings do not stretch much! It is important to remember this, when choosing a size

They are produced and finished with the utmost care. After putting them on, we see beautiful shadows and effective shine in a bright room or in the sun. An interesting fact, one that also testifies to the highest quality of Cervin nylon stockings, is that so far I have never come across these stockings having a weaving mistake! The reinforced toe is shapely, and the interesting and unique heel finish allows you to immediately recognize them between stockings of other brands (see photo details).

Variety of choice

We can choose from many colour combinations in various models suitable for all occasions, during which your legs adorned in them will look exceptionally dazzling. Both RHT and FF stockings are available as well as some with wonderful lace finished welts.

Is there anything wrong?

Perhaps the only disadvantage I have noticed is that stockings in dark colours dye when washing or putting them on the legs! Popular models sell like the proverbial hot cakes so some waiting time is required to get your Cervin nylons.

However, your patience will be rewarded upon your first contact with these beautiful stockings! They are surely one of my favourites! 



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